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Development for Peace in Sulu (DPIS)
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Student working at chalkboardThe Asia America Initiative (AAI), a U.S. nonprofit organization dedicated to conflict resolution, is implementing the Development for Peace in Sulu project. DPIS aims to strengthen civil society in the Sulu Archipelago through social development and community engagement. The education component of DPIS improves school facilities in model schools by providing desks, books, and computers; and it develops programs to teach vocational and marketing skills to local elementary and high school students. DPIS is also supporting advanced training for teachers and administrators and entrepreneurial training for both educators and students. Through partnerships with private foundations, DPIS is providing college scholarships to exemplary high school and university students who envision a career in teaching but cannot afford college tuition. DPIS has also joined with U.S. and Philippine NGOs and local colleges to stimulate the use of distance education and the internet in Sulu.

Lead Implementer:
Asia America Initiative


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