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Creative Associates International Inc.
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Three girls smilingCreative Associates International Inc. is USAID’s institutional contractor for the EQuALLS Project. Creative Associates helps coordinate the activities of the different private sector alliances in order to maximize their collective impact and to ensure collaboration in the field. Creative Associates also implements activities to complement the efforts of the private sector alliances. To improve educational quality, Creative Associates is strengthening the capacity of educators who teach English, math, science, and reading in elementary schools, in non-formal education programs for out-of-school youth, and in madaris. It is enhancing pre- and in-service teacher training and helping teachers contextualize learning materials to make them more appropriate for children living in the ARMM and other conflict-affected areas. To improve educational access and reduce drop-out rates, Creative Associates is promoting in-school/out-of-school flexible learning options, providing nonformal education for out-of-school youth through a strengthened Alternative Learning System (ALS), and strengthening the capacity of community learning centers and madaris to provide basic education. It is also organizing outreach activities and social mobilization to generate community support for education.

Lead Implementer:
Creative Associates International, Inc.

Partner Organizations:

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