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Peace Corps volunteer and three Filipinos examining the inside of a computer

Tudló Mindanao
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Peace Corps volunteer assisting in a training activityTudló Mindanao (“Teach Mindanao”) is a United States Peace Corps/Philippines teacher-training project for Muslim Mindanao. Implemented in partnership with DepEd and DepEd-ARMM, its primary purpose is to train elementary and high school teachers of English and Information Communication Technology. Begun in October 2003, and now incorporated into the EQuALLS project, Tudló Mindanao has provided a venue for Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and Mindanao teacher trainers to collaborate in designing teacher training programs and materials for content-based instruction (including math, science, and environmental education) and English language education. It has also introduced and promoted the multi-disciplinary use of ICT. These programs are echoed to a wider number of teachers in a series of teacher training workshops conducted in the ARMM and in Regions IX and XII.

Lead Implementer:
US Peace Corps

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