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Dagyawang Igpaw Sa Wastong Agkataw (DIWA)

Girl writingThe Synergeia Foundation has joined with the Department of Education, local government units, and cultural institutions like the National Museum and Museo Pambata to improve the reading and math skills of students in Grades 1 to 3 in Marawi City, Upi, Barira, and Datu Paglas. Dagyawang Igpaw sa Wastong Agkataw (a combination of words from four Philippine languages approximately translating to “Cooperative Leap for Proper Intelligence”) also aims to increase community support for education by training parents to be more active participants in their children’s schooling. DIWA’s participatory, community-based approach seeks to reinvent and strengthen local school boards by training board members and local government officials in resource mobilization and management to provide a better future for the children of their communities.

Lead Implementer:
Synergeia Foundation

Partner Organizations:
ARMM Department of Education
Eskwelahan sang Katawhan
Local governments of Upi and Marawi
Naga City Government
National Museum
Project Josie
University of Notre Dame of Marbel

To view a list of implementation sites, click here. (Excel File)

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